Oh no, not another code snippet blog

Oh look, it’s another blog where someone has deemed their code so damn brilliant that it should be displayed for all the world to see and marvel at.

Well, actually it’s more that I’ve ‘stolen’ code from so many other people’s blogs and then taken that code further and ended up with cool little things that don’t seem to be explained anywhere on the web. I’ve done that and never ‘given back’ to the ‘community’ (or ever used quite so many ‘quotations’ before)… so this is me trying to make amends really.

“Right then smart arse, what sort of code will you be sharing with us?”

Glad you asked invented internet reader, glad you asked. My work has been in the world of Rich Internet Applications, which gets their own acronym, RIAs. These started as being javascript and PHP based, moved through being OpenLaszlo and PHP based, then OpenLaszlo and Java based, and now are running in the world of Flex and Java. The projects have almost always been centred around data and how to enter it and display it in useful and engaging ways. Of late I’ve been doing a lot of work around displaying data on maps, and developing applications on mobile devices (iPads and Android tablets to be specific).

I plan on this being absolutely just another blog where some tech guy dumps his bits of code and techniques down with the hope that other people find them useful. No shame in that, no higher or loftier ambitions. Also, it’ll help me remember how and why I did things in certain ways when I have to come back to code months or years later for an update or rewrite.

So join me won’t you? And let’s dive into the fun world of data and visualisations! (Or, you could just come here, copy some code and leave… that’s fine too).

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