Sony DVPNS76H Upscaling DVD player with HDMI

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Different image settings

The Sony has a number of image settings which alter colour/brightness/sharpness etc. Here are the minimal differences you can actually see between them. The differences are more pronounced 'in the flesh', but not a great deal moreso. Clicking on any of these will open a page with all of them in full-res for better comparison (well, if you're running a stupidly high resolution I guess), but only do so if you really, really must, as it's a huuuuge page!

Aside from these settings there is Block Noise Reduction and another setting which I'm hard pressed to see any difference with when in use, so I've not shown examples here.

These following images were taken during my component testing phase, so are all via component at 576p.



HDMI tests

These following shots are taken once I had HDMI setup, running at 720p upscaled. (The writing on the images is a TV display I used to ensure I matched the settings to the screenshots)

On screen there is a definite difference between these settings, I have settled on Sharpening mode 1 as it does seem a little soft without any, but 2 is a little too much.

Click on these to be shown a version of the image scaled to 1366pixels across. (native scren res)

No Shapening

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