Sony DVPNS76H Upscaling DVD player with HDMI

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Just some nice screengrabs

I'm always up for some nice screen caps of movies I love... how about you? (All taken with a Fuji Finepix 5500 4Megapixel camera from a TEAC 3233A 32" HD screen)


Comparisons between Empire Strikes Back SE and Original DVD releases

Recently there was finally released the Original Star Wars Trilogy on DVD, with no Special Edition guff, no CGI, no extra scenes or extra actors... just the original movies as we love them. BUT... they shafted those of us who waited so long by giving us a terrible transfer of the original versions and making them non-anamorphic (not optimised for widescreen displays like 99.9% of movies are these days), and seemingly ensuring that they had a nice, dirty transfer to use. So... seeing as he forces you to buy the SE version anyway (being that the originals are but 'extras' to them) I thought I'd show you just how much worse the original ones look to the spruced up, yet butchered SE versions. Also note how ridiculously blue the new version has been coloured.

Special Edition Original Version

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