Getting it to run at 1360x768

I've read a number of people have resorted to all sorts of tricks to get their video cards to run at this res. I simply updated my nVidia drivers to the latest version and did the following:

Entered the nVidia control panel and selected 'Display'

From there selected 'Change resolution attributes, and then dialed up the settings seen here.

After doing that the image looked pretty good, but not amazing. nVidia come to the party again with their 'Display Optimization Wizard'

Once you tell the program that you're running a flat panel it gives you the correct tests and adjustments to make it all look grand.

First brightness. (Yes, terrible photo)

Then gamma

Then this autosync test pattern (which I'm assuming is some standardised pattern). While this is displayed you go to the 'Window' menu on the Teac, then the 'VGA window' sub-menu, then 'Auto Adjust'. A bit of flickering and shifting about of the image, and it's all rock solid and centered. Easy!

It looks better than this in person, but it gives you an idea of the image, and shows no overscan going on.